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Steps Description Comments
Prepare your photos, slides, or documents for scanning Pick out the photos, slides, negatives, and documents you want scanned

  • Group them into bags, envelopes, etc. as needed
  • We will preserve this grouping where possible on the final DVD
Contact Aberscan to schedule your scan
Contact us to get your photos scanned. When you call us we will:

  • Register your order in our system
  • Discuss your scanning order, as well as any special instructions
  • Agree on the preferred delivery method(s)
  • Provide you with an initial cost estimate. Our services and price list are listed here.
Hand off package to Aberscan Delivery options are as follows. Click here for more details:

  • Aberscan picks up your package from your home
  • You ship your package to Aberscan using UPS, FedEx, etc.
  • You drop off your package at our office
Aberscan completes your order Once we receive your order we will:

  • Review your package contents
  • Contact you to confirm the final cost of order and payment method
  • Complete the order usually within 48 hours
Aberscan returns your package and scanned images to you Delivery options are as follows. Click here for more details:

  • Aberscan hand delivers the package to your home
  • Aberscan ships your package to you via UPS
  • You pick up your package from our office