What We Can Restore

We all have that special photo of some family member or its the only print of some ancestor. But it is damaged in some way. At Aberscan we can repair that damage, re-print the photo and let you enjoy the memory for years to come. Here are some examples of the type of restoration we are often called to do:
Category Original Restored
Repair damage: Photos can be creased, have pieces missing, torn, foreign objects stuck to them, and much more!. We can repair that damage and make the photo whole again. Photos Photos
Fix wear and tear: We can fix the damage caused by well handled photos, plus restore colors and contrast. Photos Photos
Customize a photo: Want a person removed from a favorite photo? Want someone added in? Love the photo but want to remove some object that’s blocking the people or otherwise spoiling the photo. In most cases it is easy to make the needed edits and generate an image that can be re-printed. Photos Photos
Re-color a faded photo: Color photos over time fade. Especially those kept in strong sunlight. Unless you still have the negative, the next best option to restore the photo is to colorize it – basically “painting” the color back into the photo. The same technique can be applied to black & white photos to make the situation look like it did when the photo was taken. Photos Photos