Aberscan Can Tag your Scanned Images

If requested, Aberscan will tag all your print photos and slides with notes written on them as part of our scanning service.

What is Tagging?

With print photos and slides, we used to write information about the subjects in the photo on the back or along the side. If the photos were in an album, then we could write a caption below each photo. That same concept is supported in digital images by adding ‘tags’ to the image. These tags stay with the image wherever it goes, just as the handwritten notes on the back of a print photo did!

You can also tag your newer photos taken with a digital camera or phone. A common approach to tagging is to add the following tags to each image:

  • Who is in the photo: You can do this manually or most photo library management tools support facial recognition. This technology will scan all your photos in your library and find which faces are similar. You just then validate that they are all the same person and add the name.
  • Event: Was it taken on vacation? A party?
  • Location: Where the photo was taken. Newer digital cameras and phones can do this automatically, but you would need to add this information to your scanned images
  • Year: Give the image a date. Again, digital cameras and phones will do this automatically.

All PC and Macs will let you view and add tags to your photo collection. In addition all major photo library management tools support photo tagging.

Why Tagging is Useful

By far the greatest benefit in adding tags you your scanned photos and your digital photo collection is to utilize the power of search to find just the photos that you want.

Most people have thousands of photos stored on their computer that were taken with their digital cameras or phones. Once you scan all your print photos and slides, you will have thousands more. When you want to find that special photo of the kids taken on vacation back in 1990, did you put it in the kids folder? The vacation folder? somewhere else? The problem with cataloging images into folders is that there are multiple ways to order the photos into folders and what seems logical one year can be different from years past.

Tag search solves all of that. Just leave all the photos in one large folder, or keep them in folders. It doesn’t matter because the search automatically looks across all the folders. With tag search you can ask the question “get me all the photos of the kids taken on our vacation to Italy back in 1990″. You will be shown just those photos that contain the relevant tags. Never again do you have to hunt for hours looking for that photo you know exists somewhere on the computer hard disk.